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12 x 18 (300mm x 450mm)
Highlighter Series Light & Dark Combination Liner Series
10 x 16 (250mm x 400mm)
Highlighter Series Vitrossa Concept Series Plain Colour
10 x 13 (250mm x 325mm)
Highlighter Series Vitrossa Concept Series White Online Vitrossa Concept Series Ivory Online Vitrossa Concept Series
8 x 8 (200mm x 200mm)
All Plain Colour
8 x 12 (200mm x 300mm)
Concept SeriesWhite Luster Series Ivory Lustee Series

About Favourite Ceramic Pvt Ltd
 Fully automatic plant.
 Totally educational staff.
 8x12 Luster & Ordinary.
 8x8 with 26 colours with Diamond, Waves, and Barmuda series.
 10x13 with satin & glossy series with plain colour.
 150 different different concepts.
 10x10 with light & dark plain colour.
 10x16 with light & dark colour.

Mr. Vijay Patel Mr. B.O.Patel DhamjiBhai Patel
Mr. Praful Patel Mr. Suresh M. Patel Mr. Raju Patel

Mr. B. O. Patel (mama)
(M. D.)

On the desk of m.d.

"Business today face several major challenges advanced in Technology and telecommunications have brought all The words together into one global economy. Company must respond to market place trends While taking responsibility for protecting the environment. We must also focus on the customer for achieve success in The global market place.Ħħ

Mr.Vijay B. Patel
"Marketing management is the process of planning And executing the conception, pricing, promotion And distribution of goods, services and ideas to Create exchanges with target groups that satisfy Customer and organizational objectives marketing Management is essentially demand management ; its Task is to influence the level, timing, and composition
Of demand.Ħħ

Company Profile

Freshness. A wonderful feeling that heart wishes to start its day with freshness. Favourite with itworldclassdesignsand color and als sizes Regenerates freshness in your life. Be it inquality and the diverse product range. Your absolute faith in Favorite ceramic keeps it going. To freshen up your life, every day.

A Favourite ceramic pvt ltd (commenced operation in 2003 ) was promoted by shri B.O.Patel (mama).

A Favourite ceramic pvt ltd the larger manufacturer in ceramic product among Gujarat manufacturer. Favourite ceramic's distribution network is about 200 dealers.

In an industry that has witnessed rapid technological change. Favourite ceramic in its 3 years of history, has consistently strived to delight their customers and their changing needs through a policy of continuous innovation. The introduction of popular international size of 10 x 16 in wall tile is the simple measures of technical advancement.

The Favourite brand organization has been tracking the branding phenomenon for the past 3 years. The criteria for selection of the winning consumer brands include perceived brand image plus the brand's mind share, goodwill, consumer loyalty, trust and emotional bonding, which Favourite have.

Favourite ceramic presents wonderful design. It is a wonderful concept to make your bathroom not only more colorful but also lavish with Vivid textures and interestingly beautiful designs. It bedecks your bathroom walls and the designer in you delights to the fullest...over to Favourite ceramic...

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