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12 x 18 (300mm x 450mm)
Highlighter Series Light & Dark Combination Liner Series
10 x 16 (250mm x 400mm)
Highlighter Series Vitrossa Concept Series Plain Colour
10 x 13 (250mm x 325mm)
Highlighter Series Vitrossa Concept Series White Online Vitrossa Concept Series Ivory Online Vitrossa Concept Series
8 x 8 (200mm x 200mm)
All Plain Colour
8 x 12 (200mm x 300mm)
Concept SeriesWhite Luster Series Ivory Lustee Series

     ISO-9001 certificate
     Quality certificate of CGCRI-Calcutta
     Award of Udyog Ratna by Balaram Zakhad.
     Quality certificate from our customers.
     Dealer Certificate


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